In Appreciation Of The Teddy Coat

In Appreciation Of The Teddy Coat

That being said — you’ve got to know how to style them. With teddy coats, it’s really easy for the overall look to get super frumpy, super quickly. Adding one to a more classic wardrobe is entirely possible, if you balance things out. The coat I’m wearing today is the Double Breasted Faux Fur Teddy Coat by Halogen via Nordstrom. It’s really well priced and the major collar moment with button closure gives it the structure and style I need to offset the fluffy texture. 

A good way to approach the teddy coat is to make sure your outfit offers enough put-togetherness to stand up to all that fluff. Underneath, I’ve opted for a polished matching set that I could easily live in all winter—a 100% cashmere turtleneck sweater and midi length skirt that are cozy but not bulky. The fact that they match does most of the work for you, giving an overall appearance of polish that balances out the more casual nature of the coat. Also, friends, I’m warm. So deliciously warm.


Double Breasted Faux Fur Teddy Coat


Cashmere Midi Skirt 

I’ve topped things off with a  felted wool blend beret with faux fur pom because why on earth wouldn’t you. And, I’ve opted for a major lace-up boot moment that gives a good contrast to the overall softness of the look. Also the higher off the ground I am from snow slush, the better. 

I got this entire look from Nordstrom, which means you’re one cart away from a whole lot o’ coziness. But, before I get too snuggly in here and basically just take a nap, I want to mention the benefits of viewing Nordstrom as an all encompassing wonder-retailer. Yes, we all know you can shop for virtually everything under the sun at Nordstrom, but there are also perks you might not be aware of, such as free shipping and returns, curbside pickup (yep, you never even have to get out of your car), and The Nordy Club. The Nordy Club is a rewards membership that allows you to earn points on every dollar you spend with Nordstrom, that you can then redeem for…wait for it…cash to spend at Nordstrom! Yes, that’s right, you earn cash for doing the thing you do anyway. Sometimes life is amazing.

Below, a few more of my favorite ways to swaddle ourselves in fluff for the remainder of winter.  Shop all of my favorite Teddy coats below!


Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater


Felted Wool Blend Beret

More Fabulous Teddy Outwear

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